woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Facebook game review Spymaster

After playing Mafia Wars for a few weeks, I accepted an invitation to join Spymaster. Spymaster is all about the spying game, you're a secret agent (either Russian, American or British) doing jobs and killing enemies. Here too you get energy and health, time based, and use it to do tasks and attacking other agents.
Gameplay is easy. Energy permitting, you select a task and do it. By doing a task you deserve more or less experience points, depending on the outcome of the task. When you get enough xp's you enter a new level and you unlock more jobs and other level adversaries.
You also earn money, that you can use to buy stuff. Weapons (to gain more attack of defense power), safe houses (to earn a steady income).

After playing for a few days, I decided to stop playing the game. It was boring. Every level you would do a task and succeed or not. You would injure an enemy or not. The 'or not' value was to big for me to enjoy the game. Due to the random results, buying weapons and attacking lesser agent seemed to make no difference. I lost some fight and I never understood why. Probably I'm not a spy.

The gameplay was a unrewarding.
The game looked complex. There are spies and spymasters in 'rings' and I never found out how people came to belong to my ring, or how many spymasters were on my side.

The atmosphere in the game was not great. The text mode screen lacked any visual clue about actions or status. Just plain white on black. The only nice feature was the ihntermezzo while wainting for the results of a fight. Gunshots or an animation of an agent on screen. That's about it.

It's a great way to gain plenty followers on Twitter. I did connect my Twitter account to Spymaster, status messages were converted to tweets. Nice if you need followers.

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