dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Quick wins are an illusion

I wish that we could get rid of Quick Wins in programs and projects. In the past I experienced that many projects were legitimated by calculating a business case with a few quick wins. And based on that business case a steering commitee would then decide to start the project. And the first goal would be to harvest the low hanging fruits...

But in almost as many cases the projects were re-scoped after realizing the quick wins. Everyone happy: project finished in time, some financial benefits realized. But real progress, building a well structured foundation, based on the original requirements and designs, with decent quality assurance, will never be made.

Quick wins are an optical illusion for steering committee and project management. They are counter productive. You better subtract these wins from project benefits in the business case, because they make finishing a project after the starting phase so much harder, if not impossible!

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