woensdag 28 mei 2014

All your passwords are belong to criminals

Again a few issues with password being copied by criminals. This week alone saw mentions of ebay, avast (forums) and spotify. In all cases the managed passwords were said to be hashed, so criminals have to brute force the passwords. But that is just a matter of time. And since Moore's law extends to password crackers, chances are that the copied passwords will be guessed shortly.

What does this mean? The Avast case looks not very critical. As I wrote earlier, many people create account with little security, just for the purpose of connecting to services that are not very critical. But the ebay case is a severe incident.
ebay is not just any website, it's a site that allows you to make transactions and it keeps lots of files and records about you. It's like a digital identity and they know your behavior. And the criminals not only stole the password and userid, but other sensitive data as well.

Of course you should change your ebay password. But: since your ebay account is important for you, you may well use the same account information for other sites too.

If by any chance you use the same ebay password with any account that is connected to the same email address that you registered at ebay, you should change the password for those accounts too!

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