woensdag 25 februari 2015

OpenBadge Based Access Control

A while ago I posted a few entries about using attributes instead of roles to grant access to resources. At the same time I wrote that the current way of providing attributes is limited. So far attributes are provided by identity providers, hence only parties that trust an identity provider know what attributes can be used and may decide to trust the attributes provided by the identity provider. But as I stated, there are many cases that you do not want to get an attribute from your identity provider. You may have passed an exam, received a compliment or endorsement, or you may be part of another community than the one you work for and the one who provides your (digital) identity. Your digital identity provider may not even know all these attributes. And rightly so, an identity provider needs to provide trustworthy (within the trust framework) identities.

So I came up with the idea to make it possible to receive and collect attributes, much in the same way that we are used to receive and collect badges for gaming, or scouting...?.

And I showed that such a mechanism is in use at this very moment, although not yet in the way that I want: Isaca provides digital badges to certified members. And you can collect these badges in a digital wallet, that you can also use to present youor badges.

It's a pity that there is no use other for these Isaca attributes yet. I would like to use my CISA and CISM badges to be elegible as a candidate for a security consultancy project with prospective customers. How easy it would be to just so show my Isaca badge, instead of writing a resume or pointing to my LinkedIn profile. If you need an IT Auditor, here's my Isaca CISA badge... Or if you need a CISM, just search LinkedIn for CISM badges...

Today I learned that there is a another organisation contemplating to provide badges. LibreOffice volunteers may get badges in the OpenBadge format, the same format that Isaca is using. This wil most certainly mean that we will see OpenBadge become a default adopted open standard.

We probably have to come up with use cases for access control based on OpenBadges. Currently these badges are just that, they just show that you are member of a community, but there are no permissions connected to badges. Yet...

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